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120+ battle-tested strategies applied to 215+ websites over 14 years to increase website valuations

"I've implemented 9 of the tips and my revenues have increased on my sites." -Jon Dykstra, Fat Stacks Blog

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"I've implemented 9 of the tips and my revenues have increased on my sites." - Jon Dykstra, Fat Stacks Blog

What are Easy Wins?

  • A growing database of 120+ strategic wins for website creators to 10X revenue and traffic

  • Sort and apply the wins by category, impact, and effort

Why do I need it?

  • Do you spend hours trying strategies on your website to grow traffic and income?

  • With these Easy Wins, you will know exactly what moves the needle

How do I get it?

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6 Reasons To Get Easy Wins Right Now

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Instant access to 120+ tested and measured wins

You could spend years testing various strategies, or you can access these battle-tested Easy Wins applied to content websites to 10X revenue, traffic, and valuations

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Every win is for content-focused websites monetized by Amazon Associates, affiliate programs, and display advertisements

Increase revenue, traffic, and valuations

Every website has optimization opportunities. These are the Easy Wins that we utilize to exponentially grow our portfolio.

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Stay up-to-date with new Easy Wins that we test, measure, and discover.

Easy Wins that everyone can implement from day one

These can be applied to starter sites with minimal traffic to the most advanced sites with millions of views. It's for everyone.

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The Easy Win Categories

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spencher haws over at niche pursuits recommends easywins

Spencer Haws | LinkWhisper

Anytime I start thinking about optimizing my sites, I start feeling overwhelmed. I’ve already implemented most of these suggestions and the early signs point to good results!

Jon Dykstra recommends easy wins

Jon Dykstra is so good because it was not the result of some guy deciding he wants to make money selling courses and then dreams up some tips. It’s data-driven. I’ve implemented 9 tips and my revenues have increased.

shawna newman of skipblast blog

Shawna Newman | Website Flipper

I really wish this product had been out years ago when I was newer to this industry. I truly think it’s going to be a game-changer for people with less experience.

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A Word From The Founder

Hey there! My name is Mushfiq Sarker. I have been buying, growing, and selling content websites since 2008. I’ve sold over 215+ website with multiple six-figure exits, and also run The Website Flip newsletter.

As I built and purchased profitable websites, it was becoming difficult to keep track of all my strategies to 10X growth. So I created this database. It’s a collection of 120+ tactics that my team and I use each and every time for all our niche sites.

If you own a single site that you built up, or just bought a site, or have a portfolio, then is for you.

Mushfiq Sarker

Easy Wins Database + Custom Teardown Report

I will do a teardown of your website sharing the easy wins I recommend. Save time by knowing exactly which high-impact wins to start with.

$779 $729, one time.

Easy Wins Database

120+ battle-tested strategies guaranteed to move the needle. Stop spinning your wheels and gain instant access to strategies that took me 14 years, 215+ websites, and hundreds of hours.

$349 $299, one time.

Still Not Convinced?

Get battle-tested insights from 5 of my highest impact easy wins.

Frequently Asked Questions is a database of 120+ strategies that you can implement on your niche content websites to 10X growth.

We provide details on each easy win, examples, the impact, and the amount of effort needed to implement.

Here is a selection of use-cases:

  1. Use the database as a checklist of high-impact growth tasks for you to implement on your niche site
  2. Hand-over the database to a virtual assistant to implement
  3. Use the database after buying a niche site as a way to expedite growth

However you use it, the strategies will increase your site’s revenues. 

Here is the quickest way to get the highest value:

  • Sort the table by Impact (Very High to Low)
  • This will give you the high impact wins
  • Pick 3-5 of them that make the most sense and that you have not implemented


Another alternative:

  • Sort the table by Effort (1 star to 5 stars)
  • This will give you the wins that are easiest to implement
  • Pick 3-5 of them that make sense and have not been implemented


By implementing these strategies, you can increase the traffic, revenue, and ultimately the valuation of your website if you want to sell in the future.

There is a natural compounding effect of implementing many (all if possible) of these wins at once.

We review and make updates to the database on a monthly basis, as needed. Many strategies are “evergreen” and do not require updates.

As we find new easy wins to apply to our portfolio of websites, we add it to the database.

I will analyze your niche website to pinpoint easy win strategies that you can implement immediately. These strategies will result in an increase in revenues and/or traffic.

For an example, check out my teardown video of, which was owned by Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits.

You will get a detailed PDF report going over exactly what you need to do to improve your website.

Yes, definitely! Check out my easy win teardown service.

You can order a PDF report and I will perform a rigorous teardown of your website.

My goal is to provide value. If you do not find real value from, reach out here and I will refund you. No questions asked.